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Specializing in Pelvic Floor Therapy for ALL Women

I am a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor therapy and who helps women of all ages reach their individual goals. You may be here because you seek a solution to a number of problems, including: bladder leaks, constipation, general pelvic pain, pain with sex, or perhaps a prolapse. Whatever your reason, I would love to guide you on your healing path towards improved body performance, function, confidence, and independence. 


Pelvic floor issues are very personal and private. Sometimes talking about them can feel embarrassing or even a little scary, but I want you to know that you’re not alone. I am here to listen.

Jen Miles Pelvic Floor Therapy Bend Oregon
A Whole Body Approach

Prior to pursuing pelvic floor therapy, I already had strong biomechanics and manual therapy skills, training under an excellent team of PT’s and osteopaths, focusing on orthopedic, spine and pelvic care. This allowed me to transition into a pelvic floor specialty with a solid foundation.  Throughout my career, I have learned how to incorporate a well rounded holistic approach, honing my practice even further, including nutrition, stress relief, pain science, and breathing strategies.


Outside of work, I am an active participant in Central Oregon life, including mountain biking, rock climbing, kiteboarding, Pole Pedal Paddle participant…all the things! I know what it’s like to crave your body to perform the best it can. Whether you are riding your bike, running around the yard with the dog, or working on a home project, we want to feel comfortable. You are worth the feeling of ease and confidence that comes with being your full self.

My Journey

Pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common, but also extremely treatable. I learned this firsthand in my mid-20’s.  


I was experiencing pelvic pain and dysfunction after several years of athletics, injuries, and playing college basketball. I personally sought out pelvic floor physical therapy, and after five visits, I felt like a new woman. So much that I changed focus in my already established P.T. career!  Now 15 years later, I’m a passionate practitioner of the art of helping women gain more confidence with their bodies. I have found through my years of experience how to be thoughtful, thorough, and efficient with figuring out each patient's individual pelvic puzzle.  


Physical Therapy degree from Daemen College, 1999 

Pelvic Floor courses from the Herman Wallace Institute

Licensed PT in the State of Oregon

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I'm here to support you without any judgement. I want to hear your story and help you get on a healing path.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Healthy woman Bend Oregon

Pelvic floor PT with Jen's guidance has changed a number of my 'basic' bathroom habits which have in turn changed my overall symptom management. Learning how to do the correct strengthening exercises was important.

What impressed me most was Jen's calm and professional methods to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. Often during a 50-60 min session, I was able to practice very targeted exercises utilizing biofeedback. The visual was very useful. She also was able to do some techniques to help balance my muscles. While some muscles were weak, some were very tight and almost hyperreactive. She was able to pinpoint the problem quickly and effectively.


Jen also looked at my 'whole person'. I had some related pain in my hips that she addressed simply and again with great effectiveness. All the while, Jen continued to teach and train in a way that was easy to integrate into my daily activities.

- Theresa

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